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OddsTracker.com allows you compare sports betting odds. Sports betting is a brilliant industry that involves thousands of fans taking part in a wagering pool dominated by professional cappers, financial traders, advantage players and others who make their living betting sports. It’s a complex market that so few understand, but it’s a great way for fans to enjoy the game, while big money completes in the ultimate battle for profit. No matter what type of sports bettor you are, oddstracker.com is here to make your life easier.

Compare Sports Betting Odds

The first thing we offer is live betting odds from over 2 dozen top online sportsbooks so you can compare odds and see which book is currently offering the best price or point spread. For example, if you’re interested in betting Baseball Team XYZ, you’ll want to click “MLB Odds” located on our top navigation menu. Here you might find 5Dimes is offering Team XYZ at -119 where all the other betting sites have them at -125 or greater. Obviously you’ll make a much better return on your stake betting -119 at 5Dimes. Actually if you work this out over an entire betting year it makes an incredable difference on your bankroll. If your like most bettors you might bet 3-4 games per day so lets say you bet 1000 games per year. Now if you shop for lines and use reduced juice sportsbooks a $100 per game bettor can make an extra $2000 with almost no work and for a lot of bettors this may be the difference from winning and losing.

The second practical use for Odds Tracker is line movement history. Skilled professional bettors are often great at spotting sharp action and soon to come steam. These bettors will see a single sportsbook move their odds, quickly decipher that it was sharp action that caused the move, and then act by placing a bet elsewhere at better odds than they’ll find minutes or hours later. To better explain how this works, and to also explain additional uses of Odds Tracker, I’m going to cover the history of sports betting leading up to the current betting market. If you understand the current market well, making a profit beating sports becomes infinitely easier.

Using Odds Tracker to Profit

We mentioned two great uses for Odds Tracker earlier in this article. The first: using our lines feed to be sure you’re getting the best price on each bet. The second: watching for line movement that is likely the result of sharp action, and then getting your wagers in before all sites have had a chance to move the line. We do this because we understand each market starts out rough and then sharpens as professional bettors begin putting in large bets wherever value can be found.

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